About Us

Keyandria Dyshell

CEO, Founder

Welcome to Kosmotics. Over the years, we have dedicated ourselves to creating real, natural, unique products that promise results. We find that people spend hundreds a year on quality skin care, but we desire to offer quality without the stress of high prices. With an authentic tailor made experience, you can be confident in your product because YOU have to option to customize.

This stuff is amazing! My favorite products are the Luna scrub and Toner! My dark marks are vanishing, pores are smaller, and my skin is so smooth! 


Usually my son’s eczema is dark, dry, and scaly, but after just two uses of the Luna exfoliate with the Luna Butter, his skin is visibly softer and the dry skin just fell off! This stuff is the truth! 


Tbh it is all 100% on point! Especially that scrub and body butter. I have never seen so much dead skin come off of my body and that butter made me softer than a baby’s a$#😂